Tackling Climate Change using Systems Thinking

The first of our online seminars is about tackling climate change using systems thinking and will take place on Saturday, 18 May, between 1.00 and 2.30 pm.

The seminar will highlight how and why failure in government is at the heart of the collective incapacity to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency. Simon Duffy from the Citizens Network will interview Professor Ray Ison and Ed Straw. 

The two are the joint authors of The Hidden Power of Systems Thinking – Governance in a Climate Emergency. They are members of the Open University Applied Systems Thinking in Practice group (ASTiP). Ray is the professor of systems thinking, and Ed is an advisory fellow.

The interview will be helpful to anyone concerned about climate change, interested in the intricate workings of governance, constitutional reform in the UK, ecological civilisation, and international politics. It is a part of the annual Sheffield Festival of Debate, originally advertised in their programme under Democratic Yorkshire.

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