About Liberating Yorkshire

Liberating Yorkshire is a new group founded by Philip Hardstone and replaces Democratic Yorkshire, for which he was also the coordinator.
A self-styled “Rebel with a Cause”, Philip was born the year James Dean’s famous film first appeared on the cinema screens with many a Yorkshire lass swooning, and some lads too. 

A Batley lad. Philip is a Christian and motivated by his faith. He spent five years in the 1990s living in a small Christian community in Leeds, helping support the city’s homeless youngsters. For him, Liberating Yorkshire is a spiritual journey as much as anything else. 

He worked for Kirklees Housing Service for many years, where he gained experience in community involvement. Philip is a former Magistrate and, in the 1980s, visited inmates at HMP Prison Wakefield, chatting to them privately close up in their cells. These experiences gave him a passion for the rehabilitation of offenders. 

Now 70 years of age, retired and living in Hornsea, he is determined to spend what remains of his time fighting for a better future for his beloved Yorkshire. 
Philip gladly accepts full responsibility for this site and hopes it has provided you with food for thought. 

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