How Can a Regional Government Better Serve Yorkshire’s Needs?

What specific powers do you think a regional government should have to effectively serve our region’s needs?

5 thoughts on “How Can a Regional Government Better Serve Yorkshire’s Needs?”

  1. Sarah McNally

    Great question! I believe a regional government should have powers over transportation, housing, and education. These areas directly impact our daily lives, and local control could lead to more tailored solutions.

    1. I agree. Additionally, having control over economic development and healthcare would be crucial. It would allow us to address local issues more efficiently and create jobs that cater to our community’s unique needs.

  2. Don’t forget environmental policies! With the growing climate crisis, local governments need the authority to implement sustainable practices that suit our region’s specific ecological challenges.

  3. Richard Honnoraty

    Somehow we have to address issues caused by over 50 years of chronic under investment. The new Labour government has made a start but, even at this stage, they are saying that they are unlikely to have anywhere near enough funds to make a real difference. That financial investment is crucial. Without it, I just cannot see an end to the current trend of decline.

    Yorkshire’s failure to organise has, in my opinion, been a critical factor in its lack of success and its failure to achieve real devolution. Having said that, we must also remember that there are many success stories within the region. We need to build on these. Yorkshire has the natural resources to succeed. It is up to us to make sure that it does and that all benefit from its success, not just a few.

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