2. Vibrant Democracy

Vibrant democracy is the engine that drives Liberating Yorkshire forwards. People have become disinterested in politics. There needs to be a closer connection between the decision-makers and the people. Moving to a vibrant democracy will bridge that gap. A vibrant democracy is a bottom-up approach to politics. Ordinary people and their communities are the instigators of change. It combines direct deliberative and participative approaches to democracy with genuine elected representation.

This new, vibrant style of democracy is designed to meet ordinary people’s legitimate aspirations and will put them firmly in charge of their destiny.

The process starts by encouraging local people to let their imagination run wild and explore new horizons to generate creative solutions to local issues. These new ideas emerge, grow, and develop as people collaborate to build upon each other’s contributions. It is a team effort, fostering a sense of shared ownership and strengthening communities.

We anticipate that momentum will spread from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, culminating in a People’s Mandate, resulting in more suitable policies for councils and the Yorkshire Parliament to implement.

Representative Democracy

Genuine representation is vital to a vibrant democracy.

Andy Burnham contends that the whip system undermines Councillors’ and MPs’ independence and prevents them from being influential representatives for their constituents. He says abolishing the whips could lead to a more accountable and responsive political landscape.

Andy is right; the Party system, particularly the Party Whips, often stands in the way of elected members speaking up on their constituents’ behalf.

People's Mandate

The next stage in developing a vibrant democracy will be to set up a consultation process to start creating a constitution for Yorkshire that we can put to the people for their support and to the government for its enactment. We are calling this “The People’s Constitution”. The process is likely to take several years to complete. We plan to start next year, in 2025.

In the meantime, we have produced the following presentation to give you an idea of the practical steps we have in mind for inclusion in the Constitution.

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