1. Regional Government

Our over-centralised Whitehall system of government and its approach to public policy and investment has failed Yorkshire and the other regions of England time and time again. Only by shifting decision-making away from London will other regions, including Yorkshire, stand a cat in hell’s chance of satisfying their region’s needs. This change includes the right to tailor new policies and secure investment in our worn-out infrastructure. Until then, we will likely remain the Capital City’s poor and
forgotten relatives.

We are looking to the needs of future generations

We are proposing a new confederate federal style of government that will consist of the regions of England, Northern Ireland and the countries of Scotland and Wales.

Under such a system, each territory would have its own constitution and sovereign control over its internal affairs. A new, much smaller, and cheaper central authority would replace Whitehall to coordinate and make decisions on shared matters such as foreign policy and defence. Switzerland already has a similar system.

Cries of "Fantasies", "Madness", and "Ludicrous"

Coupled with our proposals would be savings from the reduction in the number of MPs sitting in Westminster and a considerable decrease in the number of London-based civil servants. Undoubtedly, achieving the changes described will be arduous, given the large- scale resistance that powerful vested interests of many kinds will generate. There will be cries of”fantasies”, “madness”, and “ludicrous” by many, but the reality is similar ideas to those we are proposing are commonplace among most modern democracies.

What do our two experts have to say?

Our Blueprint

In his book, Reforming UK Public Policy through Elected Regional Government, Professor Malcolm J. Prowle has set out how he sees regional government working. 

He joined Ed Straw to discuss the subject further in this podcast.

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