Welcome to Liberating Yorkshire

Liberating Yorkshire is a bold new radical movement that combines our responsibility to the planet with the need to democratise the Yorkshire region to ensure a better deal for our citizens.

To these ends, we will work with our fellow citizens to develop a society founded on these four footings, supported, and helped by a codified constitution for the region. Such a constitution will be the first in the nation’s long history but not the last if we have our way.

We invite you to join us to help make a worthwhile difference to the future of our region and country.

For more information, please read on.

We are looking to the needs of future generations

Laying a fresh societal footing will take time and a lot of effort, but the rewards will be invaluable to future generations of Yorkshire women and men.

A regional government will enable Yorkshire to control our internal affairs. A vibrant democracy will put ordinary people in charge of shaping their and their children’s futures for the better. An inclusive Society will ensure no one is left behind or feels left out. Transitioning to an ecological civilisation will be a profound shift in the very fabric of our society – a reimagining of our fundamental systems and structures based on environmental values. 

Putting Principles into Practice

Adopting this fresh societal footing involves embracing the following principles and putting each of them into practice:

Equality – We believe in the inherent equality of all people. This conviction inspires us to work against systems that cause injustice and stand with those suffering from it.

Regenerative Development – We will encourage the restoration of our damaged ecosystems to enhance their capacity to support life. Incorporating natural elements (green roofs, wetlands, and urban forests) into urban planning would be an example of this.

Subsidiarity – We will introduce a decision-making process that starts at the lowest level possible, allowing individuals and local communities to take the initiative and contribute to the well-being of society, recognising the importance of individual agency and community participation.

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