For a Brighter Yorkshire

For Yorkshire to succeed, we need a separate constitution that allows us some autonomy from central Westminter’s government control. This isn’t a party-political statement. It is the system we believe is at fault and the system we aim to change by introducing new constitutional arrangements for the region. 

The first stage in creating any new constitution, whether for a coffee club or an area like Yorkshire, is to think carefully about what you hope to achieve. In our case, it is: 

A Regional government that enables us to control our internal affairs and be proactive towards the world’s common good.

A vibrant democracy that combines deliberative and participative approaches with genuine elected representation, where everyday people can become the instigators of change.

An ecological civilisation that harmonises our social needs with the needs of our natural environment and tackles the pressing issues of climate change. 

An inclusive Society that will ensure no one is left behind or feels left out.

We must ask ourselves if the UK’s current constitutional arrangements are fit for purpose.

A tumultuous period in UK politics has damaged trust in political institutions and the UK’s international reputation as a stable democracy. Brexit and the pandemic have put intense pressure on our current uncodified constitutional arrangements, highlighting fundamental flaws in their functioning.

Preferential lobbying is allowed to work in the interests of large international corporations to the detriment of small and medium-sized businesses. Neo-liberal economics has increased unnecessary consumption and forced people into unaffordable debt.

Local government spending is at the dictate of the central government, whose austerity measures have slashed public services and increased unemployment.

In 2023, public spending in London and Scotland was £14.500 per person, while in Yorkshire, it was just £11.900. 

Put together, all of this impedes Yorkshire’s progress. Yorkshire needs a separate constitution that delivers the objectives above and focuses on the ordinary people’s interests. We are naming it ” The People’s Constitution.”

Putting Principles into Practice

The intention is to have the People’s Constitution up and ready to present to the citizens of Yorkshire for their support and to the government for its enactment before the next General Election, which gives us just four to five years to complete the task.

With no time to waste, the process is already underway. You can contribute by registering on this site’s forum and sharing your thoughts on any of the four main objectives listed above.

Plans are also underway to launch a full-scale Citizen-led Constitutional Convention sometime in the first half of 2025. We will share more details once these plans are complete.

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